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Part/Full Time Work?Be our Sales Representative Now!Hurry!!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

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Looking for part/full time work?

Want to have extra income?

You really need our offer!!!

We are Dazzling Silvers and Jewelries...we are not yet that big company but we can give you an offer that you need to think of!

We are focus mainly of having dealers and wholesalers of quality 925 italy sterling silvers!

Eventhough we have so many dealers and wholesalers all over the Philippines but we need to expand our business and help a lot of people who want an extra income in their pockets!

Because of this, we need SALES REPRESENTATIVES who can help us expand our business but at the same time who earn much!

You can have this work as we are expanding our business of course by the help of YOU!


1. Encourage targeted individual/s where you can introduce the product

Our product: 925 italy genuine sterling silvers with starter kit worth P550.00 (old and new brochure with SRP sticked each item in the brochure) with ring sizer and pricelist (wholesale and SRP for clients)

Note: Shipping fee of P160.00 is not included

2. If he/she is interested and get the starter kit automatically you can have your P100.00 commission on that one.

3. Encourage him/her to order from the brochure with a minimum total worth of items which is P3,500.00...Explain to him/her that she will gain 30% profit from each item....He/she will not shoulder the shipping fee anymore if he/she orders the items from us because the shipping will be totally FREE.

4. If he/she orders with the P3,500.00 total minimum purchase, you can have the commission of 15% or equivalent to P525.00..If he/she orders more than P3,500.00 total worth of purchase, you will have automatically the 15% commission from the total amount of his/her purchase.

5. You can have your referred client/s as much as you can for you to earn much money in your pocket!

Here's some calculations:

5 clients x P100 commission (brochure) = P500.00

5 clients x P525 commission (silver items) = P2,625.00

total = P3,125.00

That calculation will also depend on your capacity to refer clients...More clients referred means more commissions!

YOU are the one we are looking for!

We pay YOU via:

LBC pera padala,MLhuillier,Bank Transfer,Western Union,GCash and Smart Money

Note: We will not charge you!You can have your total commission/s!

Contact us:

smart 09076108959

globe 09158273306

sun 09222884214

Search our site via Silvers and Jewelries

Start your commission/s rise NOW!

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