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Solenn angry over ‘false’ report

Monday, April 25, 2011

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A fuming Solenn Heussaff expressed her disappointment over her Twitter account after reading report about her alleged drunk behavior while taking a vacation at Boracay during the Holy Week.

Solenn vehemently denied the report written by Gorgy Rula for Philippine Entertainment Portal.

In a text message to Yahoo! OMG! Philippines, she stressed that she hates lies about her and hinted that she might be taking legal action against the reporter who allegedly wrote the false report about her.

"I hate lies and my lawyer is working on something. I was never carried home and especially not drunk to that point. I used to be a bartender in France, I know how to control my alcohol. Tell him (Rula) to give me footage and photos of me being carried home drunk by men. It's all in his imagination," she told Yahoo! OMG! Philippines.

"He [also] said I went home at 5 AM drunk, carried by men. Which I wasn't cause I went swimming then walked home at 7 AM with Michell (Madrigal) and Bianca (King)," she added.

Solenn told Yahoo! OMG! Philippines that she stayed in Boracay for three days.

Offended, the model-actress began a series of tweets directed at PEP's Scoopbox, saying "Before u write anything make sure your facts are real. I was never carried home or drunk like u guys wrote."

She continued, "Sad you have to invent things to seem interesting. Find real stories, don't just make them up. Pathetic. Happy Easter!"

"Not worth the fight but ur making me look bad when I'm not. You can't call youselves reporters," she added.

"If ur articles have no substance or truth to it. Karma is awaiting you guys," she continued her tirade against the entertainment website.

"I'm nice,but I'll speak my mind when I have to...especially when articles aren't credible and written out of pure imagination."

Meanwhile, in an effort to clear things with their writer, PEP talked with Gorgy to clarify the issue, as posted in the website's Scoopbox. According to the post, Gorgy got his information from a reliable source.

Solenn expressed that she might be taking legal actions against the writer.

"He won't stop. Haha reliable source? Show the pics and videos to my lawyer. Let's see how reliable ur source is," she said.

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